Why Your Courier Company Should Become ISO Certified


Why Your Courier Company Should Become ISO Certified

Demonstrate Excellence With Global Accreditation Help your courier firm stand out from industry rivals by investing in international ISO accreditations. Couriers have provided a vital service throughout the pandemic, as everyone from homeowners, small businesses and large companies have relied on them to support as normal daily life as possible. From home deliveries of groceries to homeschooling supplies and of course Christmas presents, couriers have been leaned on to keep the world ticking over. If you run a courier company, then you’ll want a way of indicating to potential customers that you work to the highest possible standards in the industry. ISO certification is a recognised way of demonstrating this level of excellence.

What is ISO Certification?

ISO is an international accreditation which is earned by companies who are willing to invest in their management systems and internal processes. ISO consultants explain that the ultimate aim of ISO businesses is to become more efficient, less wasteful and ensure a high quality of output in terms of services or products. There are a variety of different ISO accreditations which are applicable to the courier industry, as follows:
  • ISO 9001 – this focuses on the implementation of a Quality Management System, and would suit courier or logistics companies of any size. Customer satisfaction is at the heart of this certification, and this is achieved by streamlining central processes, continuously improving internal operations and developing strong relationships with everyone in the supply chain. ISO 9001 companies can expect to win more business contracts and be able to compete in a variety of bid proposals.
  • ISO 14001 – companies who are committed to reducing the environmental impact of their business will be interested in ISO 14001 accreditation. Courier firms have an obvious link to the environment due to the carbon emissions that are created as part of their journeys. Yet, ISO 14001 will encourage businesses to take a proactive approach in managing the environmental aspects of their internal operations too. In practical terms, this means taking positive steps to reduce the risk of pollution and minimising the carbon footprint.
  • ISO 45001 – employees working for ISO 45001 courier firms can expect their employers to be heavily invested in health and safety. The certification ensures that companies adhere to a strict set of processes which work alongside Occupational Health and Safety Management systems and ensure good practice in international supply chains. Employers who are dedicated to ISO 45001 have the advantage of a workforce with less health issues and who therefore take fewer sick days due to accident or illness.

Attracting New Business

One of the major selling points of achieving any type of ISO status is the ability to attract both clients and B2B contacts who will only work with ISO certified firms. The quality management that is promised by the accreditation is appealing to your target audience and will help to open many doors. If you are interested in the prospect of becoming certified, then begin by gaining advice from a professional ISO consultant. From here you’ll learn how to analyse and adapt your internal processes before being formally assessed. The process can take a few months so begin your preparations today so your courier firm can enjoy ISO status during 2021.