Why Remote Team Building May Become the New Normal


Why Remote Team Building May Become the New Normal

How Online Events Have Made Team Building More Accessible Than Ever The COVID-19 pandemic has seen a surge in demand for remote team building – but these kind of activities could be here to stay. With more and more of us working from home, remote team building has become a part of our everyday working lives. However, it could become the default way of building stronger teams, as opposed to a short term solution. Here’s why it’s become such a good more for UK businesses.

Much easier to organise

It’s so much easier to organise a remote event than one that’s carried out in person. You don’t need to worry about how many people are in attendance, as you can have as little or as many people you like involved in a remote event. With no waiting around for a venue to become available either, you won’t have to schedule your remote event too far in advance either. This has made them a really popular choice for companies – and we can see this continuing for a while to come.

100% safe

It goes without saying that events held remotely are much safer than those held in person. Although we are past the deadly peak of COVID-19 here in the UK, the virus is still being transmitted from person to person. Masks and social distancing measures have made interacting with co-workers much less risky, but a remote team building event will give everyone total peace of mind thanks to the non-existent risk in taking part.

Easy to fit in

Team building has so many benefits, but one downside was that an event could take valuable time out of the working day. A remote event requires nothing more than clicking a button to take part. There’s no travelling to a venue involved, so once the event has drawn to a close the members of your team can get right back to work. This will result in much less disruption, and your team can take what they have learned straight back into their work.

No venue? No worries!

There’s no need to worry about a location when you arrange a remote team building event. It can be so hard to find a venue that suits everyone when you are trying to organise a team building day, with people travelling from different distances and things like on-site parking to be concerned about too. When people take part in a remote team building event, it doesn’t matter where they are! All they need to take part is an internet connection and an appetite for fun and learning!

Your local team building experts

If you are going to reap all the rewards of a remote team building event, then you need to arrange yours with the help of real experts in the field. Zing Events have long been a favourite with companies all over the UK, making a name for themselves with their bold, innovative events. They have brought the same approach to their remote team building events. There’s guaranteed to be an event to suit every team, so check them out today!

Digital events are here to stay

With companies such as Schroders making working from home permanent, it’s clear that remote team building is going to be around for some time to come. So if you haven’t tried it already, why not give it a go? Your team will certainly thank you for it!