Should You be Branding Your Commercial Vehicles?

Should You be Branding Your Commercial Vehicles?

Small businesses that don’t brand their vehicles are missing an opportunity to promote their services and are losing out on a vast amount of possible work. An eye-catching design, accompanied by industry graphics and contact details can attract thousands of new clients a day. In traffic-heavy areas – such as central London – vehicles can be viewed by more than 3,000 potential customers per hour, according to recent studies published by multinational signage giants 3M. The study also revealed that UK drivers spend an average 20 hours behind the wheel every week, which equates to 1,040 hours a year, or a month and a half, per person.  

Mobile advertising

The benefits of using fleet vehicle graphics to market your company are countless. Fleet branding provides an economical, cost-effective and highly useful mobile advertisement that goes wherever you go, so it’s no surprise that vehicle graphics and wraps are one of the fastest growing forms of advertisement in the world. A branded fleet of vehicles portrays confidence and a proudness to share the services and abilities of the company, whether it sites outside the office or even a client’s property, it will help give a substantial boost to a company’s profile. Vehicle branding also helps to draw the attention of passers-by – many who might not have been aware of the business before. Constantly having the branded vehicles drive around to and from work, or to jobs, becomes the equivalent of running an advert in a newspaper or on a billboard, but at a fraction of the price.

The business case

A recent interview with the director of The Sussex Sign Company revealed impressive stats to prove just how worthwhile fleet branding is. Stats suggest that the cost per 100 impressions for van branding can be as low as 4p, depending on the chosen signage solution. In comparison to this, radio advertising slots are likely to cost £1.20 per impressions, whilst flier campaigns can cost £1.95 per 100 fliers. There are also safety pluses to having branded vehicles, too. Having vehicles wrapped makes them more noticeable, and accidents are less likely to happen. Reflective signage is said to help reduce might-time collisions by around 40 per cent.

How to brand your vehicles

The first step is to choose which solution will work best for your fleet of vehicles as there are a number of options – including magnetic signs stuck to the side of vehicles, partial or full vinyl wraps, or individual adhesive lettering. Vinyl wraps are the most effective way to apply graphics to a van and is often the most popular option. Vinyl wraps can cover either particular sections of a vehicle or the entire thing. The graphics are printed directly onto a vinyl film, which is then stretched or ‘wrapped’ around the vehicle. Vinyl wraps are easy to peel off as well, should you change your branding in the future.