Scaffold Theft on The Rise in Essex

Scaffold Theft on The Rise in Essex

Why Thieves Are Attracted To Construction Projects

A construction site crime-wave across Essex causes widespread concern over scaffolding security. Make sure your project is protected! Scaffolding is an essential part of many construction projects, acting to elevate workers whilst keeping them safe. The cost of scaffolding can be significant, at an average of between £960 and £1,100 which goes towards the raw materials and the labour to put it up and tear it down at the end of the project. Due to the nature of construction projects, scaffolding is often required for several weeks, with many rental companies charging for an initial hire period of 6 to 8 weeks. That’s a lengthy period of time to have valuable construction materials sitting outside, unsecured. Unfortunately, this makes scaffolding a prime target for thieves, and Essex is seeing an increase in such crime.

Why Do Thieves Target Scaffolding?

However, scaffolding is not the only type of construction material that is being targeted. Across the UK, thieves are hitting construction sites as they see great value in the professional tools, machinery and equipment that are left lying around. Scaffolding in particular can be sold wholesale, netting a lot of cash for the thieves. As well as selling the scaffolding parts, thieves also use the opportunity of the elevated construction to gain access to your property.

How Are Thieves Getting Away With It?

Some opportunists might come across a construction site with erected scaffolding and note that there is no monitoring or security system in place. Construction projects often get held up by delays; so, in scenarios where a workforce has been present, but has then been called away to another project whilst they wait for further budgeting, materials to arrive or utilities to be connected, the project can be left unattended for some time with the scaffolding ripe for the picking. Often thieves will spend a bit of time scoping out the site before committing to the theft. Scaffolding is rarely stolen in the dead of night; instead thieves are able to safely remove the materials and pack them away into a van as neighbours and local Essex communities walk past the site going about their daily business. In many cases, no-one would think to question their actions, so the thieves get away with it!

Protecting Your Scaffolding

Of course, there are plenty of steps you can take to secure your scaffolding and ensure that your project doesn’t become held up because of construction site theft. A traditional method is to keep a security dog on site. Dogs are a known natural deterrent for thieves, but they’re not always the most practical method as you’ll often need to employ a guard also to accompany them. If you’re looking to take advantage of a more modern solution, then scaffold alarms are a wireless video system that can successfully verify when an intruder is present. Its sophistication detection methods ensure that the automated dispatch of a responder or the police only occurs when there is a genuine intrusion, thus eliminating the possibility of false alarms. Construction projects aren’t cheap, so it’s vital that you safeguard both your budget and the possibility of lengthy delays by securing both your scaffolding and other professional tools – make sure thieves don’t give your construction site a second glance.