Quick Disposal of Your Old Car

Quick Disposal of Your Old Car

Scrap Your Old Banger to Save Time and Make Money

Disposing of an old car does not have to be a headache. Use an approved company for a hassle-free way of getting rid at the best price. In the brave new world of 2018, we are far more environmentally aware than past generations. We assiduously sort our rubbish into the right collection bins to ensure that everything recyclable gets put to good use, and less goes to landfill than ever before. Of course, in the modern era of gadgets, we also get through more electrical goods than our parents and grandparents did. But even for these, we can go to the local recycling centre and there will be dedicated areas for TVs, fridges and so on. But one thing you can’t simply leave out for the dustmen or take down the tip is your old car. Here’s the lowdown on safe, environmentally friendly car disposal, which will also bring you some very useful money for your old banger.

Scrapping cars

If the phrase “scrapping cars” conjures images of a muddy yard with cars piled three high and inhabited by shifty looking characters and an angry dog on a chain, the chances are you have been watching too many reruns of The Sweeney on the TV. Today’s professional car scrapping companies are just that – professional. Car disposal is a rigorously regulated industry, and companies are checked and audited. There is plenty of paperwork involved in scrapping a car, and it has to be done correctly, or you could face a £1,000 fine from the DVLA. A reputable firm will deal it all for you.

What do you have to do?

The wonders of the internet age make it easy to not only dispose of your car but get the best price for it. Go online and fill out a simple form, giving some basic information regarding the car’s make, model, age, condition, mileage and so on. The company uses this information to assess the vehicle’s market value and send you a quote. If you are happy, the money will be sent by bank transfer and they will come and collect the car, dealing with all the paperwork. It really could not be simpler.

Why not just sell it privately?

You might be wondering whether it would be better to sell the car privately, either by placing a “For Sale” sign on the windscreen and hoping someone is tempted, or by listing it on one of the popular sale or auction websites. There is certainly nothing to stop you doing that, and you might even find a buyer, but the added hassle is seldom cost-effective. Do not underestimate the stress and inconvenience selling a car like this can bring. As well as having to take photos and craft the advert, you need to be ready to deal with the queue of time wasters and tyre kickers who will appear, argue and either disappear again or offer you less than the scrap company would have paid. The point is that there are so many cars out there at or near the end of their lives for buyers to choose from. Gumtree currently has more than 50 roadworthy Ford Fiestas listed at £200 or less. If yours has no MOT and needs work, why on earth would anyone offer more than scrap value, given the other choices that are available?