Planning Your Product Launch

Planning Your Product Launch

Tips To Create A Memorable And Successful Marketing Event

If you want to have pre-sales of your product piling high, then learn how to create some buzz surrounding the launch of your latest line. A product launch is an essential way to market your brand and promote a new line of merchandise. A successful event can create a great deal of buzz and should ideally get your new product sales off to a roaring start. But how do you make sure that you put together a launch that is both entertaining and engaging? Here are some ideas.

People Over Product

When planning a launch party strategy, your marketing team should focus on your target group. Although there will also be plenty of room for showcasing your brand-new product, with its specifications, these can initially take a bit of a backseat. Consider Steve Jobs, who held some of the most successful product launches of all time with his Apple events; he used the strategy of appealing to consumers and focusing on what problem his latest line of merchandise could solve. He neglected to boast about the speed of his new processors and similar tech details. Instead, his keynote speeches were full of showmanship, so it is wise to consider your presentation techniques and work out if you would like your top sales team or even the CEO to engage with your launch audience. Working out what appeals to your target market is key in making this decision.


Take care when considering the location of your product launch. In many situations, it may be appropriate to hire a large-scale corporate venue to accommodate as many people as possible. However, in some circumstances, you might wish for your customers to remember the location of your business and have that image locked into their heads long after the event. For instance, if you are promoting a new line of spa treatments, then it would make sense to have people physically attend your spa for the launch.

Create Buzz

As well as attracting people to your event, it is important to create some noise surrounding it. You might want to offer pre-sales of your new product to a core of loyal customers, or invite local press to come along and cover the launch. For those that are unable to attend, you could host a social chat, webinar or live demo of your product which could turn web traffic into sales.

Look the Part

It is vital that the whole team look professional and are dressed in such a way as to appeal to your target audience. For an attractive business look, consider using some well-chosen Italian fashion accessories to make sure that you make a great first impression. If your business is more casual, dress the part so that you are more approachable to your target customers.


Entertainment is important at any launch and you should focus on the quality and type of food and drink that you offer. Make sure the catering you choose matches the style of the launch that you are holding. If you are promoting some trendy tech products, then some simple buffet-style fare might be a good match. However, if your event is upscale, then a more formal type of meal may be more appropriate. In most situations, some alcoholic refreshments go down exceptionally well with attendees. As an example, a trendy city-based brand might want to serve cocktails, whilst a business that has strong connections to a particular country might serve its local, regional wines. In any case, it is important to provide a bar with serving staff, so that you don’t need to rope your own employees in, when they could be selling instead. If you need to organise bar hire in Essex, for instance when holding a launch party outside of the capital, then you can receive a portable bar rental which will add a real ‘wow’ factor to your event. For those that really want to impress their customers, make the drinks free! The key to a successful product launch is in the planning, so talk to your marketing team, do your research and get organising today!