How To Look After Fine Carpets

How To Look After Fine Carpets

Expert tips to keep your carpets in top condition

A fine carpet can be the perfect finishing touch for your home, but it needs some love and attention to keep it looking great for years to come. A fine carpet or rug can really make a difference to your home, adding a touch of luxury and elegance, as well as being a great investment. However, to prevent damage and keep it in peak condition, it requires a lot more care and attention than a standard carpet.

Preventing damage

To keep your fine carpet or rug looking its best, it’s important to look after it properly from the moment it’s installed. Hard soled shoes and high heels can cause damage to your carpet - bare or stockinged feet are much gentler - so consider asking people to remove their outdoor shoes before walking on your carpet. Similarly, try to avoid placing heavy furniture on your carpet or, if this isn’t possible, place casters under any sharp or small feet. Food and drink are the most common spillages on carpets, so avoid eating or drinking messy foods in the vicinity of yours. Exposure to damp, heat and direct sunlight can also cause damage to your carpet, so be sure to pay attention to the placing and location of your rug, and the environment in which it’s kept. Another potential danger to your carpet comes in the form of the family pet. Left unattended, your pet could chew or scratch your carpet, or even use it as a toilet, causing long-lasting damage. If possible, avoid leaving your pet unattended near your carpet and make sure they are fully house-trained.

Spills and stains

Of course, accidents do sometimes happen, and if something does spill on your carpet, it’s important to remedy the situation quickly and effectively. For liquid spills be sure to act swiftly, using paper kitchen towels to soak up the liquid. Food spillages can be dealt with by scraping up any solids and then using kitchen towels to blot any residue. To lift any residual stains, clean the carpet with a solution of warm water, carpet shampoo and white vinegar and, once dry, vacuum and carefully comb the pile to avoid any matting.

Cleaning and maintenance

You can carry out regular, light cleaning on your carpet yourself and, in fact, this is recommended in order to keep your carpet in good condition. To prevent the build-up of dust or dirt you should brush or vacuum your carpet regularly, and rugs should be turned occasionally in order to even out areas of wear. For a more thorough clean, wash the carpet with cool water and mild soap or rug shampoo (avoid strong detergents and be sure to do a colour run test first), and brush firmly in the direction of the nap. Rinse with running water and allow the carpet to dry thoroughly. While light cleaning is ok to do yourself, fine carpets and rugs can easily be damaged if you don’t know what you’re doing, so for deep cleaning, or to remove serious stains, it pays to outsource the job to a cleaning company who are experienced in fine carpet cleaning. Specialist carpet cleaners will have a thorough understanding of your carpet’s construction and fibre content and will employ safe and thorough cleaning methods to restore your rugs and carpets to their former glory. By taking steps to safeguard your carpet, carrying out regular maintenance, and outsourcing any deep cleaning to the experts, you can help ensure that your floors continue to look great for years to come.