How to Give Your Granite the Best Aftercare Treatment

How to Give Your Granite the Best Aftercare Treatment

Learn how to Give Your Granite the Best Aftercare Treatment with our handy guide. Granite is a very dense, durable and attractive natural stone, which makes it the ideal kitchen worktop material. It’s important to make sure you clean and look after your granite properly, to prevent it from being scratched, warped or stained. With this in mind, here’s a list of problems you may encounter, and how to treat them effectively with aftercare treatments.


If extreme heat comes into contact with the granite, it can make the granite expand slightly or discolour the area, either temporarily or permanently. To avoid this from happening, do not place hot utensils directly onto the surface without a mat or protector there first.


When granite is polished to a high-quality standard, the glossy surface may be more easily marked if misused. You should never use a knife to chop food directly on the granite surface, and try to avoid leaving any sharp objects on the worktop, be it knives, rough-bottomed objects or jewellery. If your granite top happens to get scratched, you should access the area and buff the area with a polishing paste to try and fill in the gaps.

Chips and Pits

Granite is made up of grains of minerals, which differ in size, arrangement and colour. Small loses of grains can sometimes appear in the polished surface, but it does not affect the quality or usability of the granite. If it is slightly more noticeable, then this is often referred to as a chip, however these are normally rejected during the manufacturing process. Chips can be made by dropping heavy, sharp objects on the surface. To repair this, stonemasons would need to assess and repair the damage made.

Staining and Ring Marking

Ring marks are often the implications of leaving hot pans, teapots, cups, wine glasses and anything corrosive on top of the granite worktop. This can all lead the stone to turn discoloured. To get rid of a stain, you should consider using a poultice, an absorbent material with a chemical in, to buff a paste into the stain to treat the area. It may need a couple treatments to see a difference, depending on what caused the stain. It’s unlikely that you will damage your granite worktop, especially if it is a high quality purchased granite worktop in Essex. But if you find yourself marking or staining it, then be sure to use these helpful tips!