How Do the World’s Largest Companies Build Strong Teams?

How Do the World’s Largest Companies Build Strong Teams?

Zing Events, a trusted team building event london company, have worked with the likes of Harrods, Sky, Three Mobile and Virgin Media to hold ‘forward thinking’ team building events and away days to combine fun with learning – a skill required to make the working environment a better place to be in. So how do the world’s largest companies build strong teams?  

Focus on roles

A thorough-selection process for picking employees to work for your business has greater long-term benefits, even if it means spending more time recruiting than you’d like to. Hiring someone just to “have bodies” in the room can harm your team; companies who do this end up becoming a revolving door with a not-so-great track record for employee retention. This ends up costing the company more in the long run. Instead, invest your time and money into people who specialise in the role your company needs which is guaranteed to provide immense payoffs later.

Value each role

Each team member brings something special to the table, so treating each role as an essential part of your job is crucial. Each team member should fee like their job matters without ever having to ask themselves “Why am I even here?”. It’s important to make your team feel valued, whether it be through 1-2-1 reviews or a congratulation when a project goes well.


The best way to demonstrate value between team members is through communication. It’s difficult to feel like you’re part of a team when everybody isn’t provided with the same information or when team members don’t fill each other in on what they’re working on. Transparency is key!

Know eachother

Team members are of course not obliged to become best friends on a personal level with one another. But having a monthly outing or engaging in some offsite socialising can give team members a chance to appreciate one another for more than just the day job they do. Team building activities from Zing Events is a perfect example of this; enjoy fun challenges, cocktail masterclasses or timed activities – all in the name of team building!