Goodbye Yellow Pages – How To Find Tradesmen in 2017

Goodbye Yellow Pages – How To Find Tradesmen in 2017

How the rise of online searching and specialist websites have made finding tradesmen music easier and efficient compared to using publications like ‘Yellow Pages.’

Your Home Services Expert Is No More Than A Click Away Online

You may have noticed that when your ‘Yellow Pages’ is delivered to your home (if you still receive one) it gets thinner each time. Gone is the thick doorstep-like tome the person hand delivering it used to struggle with, now it’s a far slimmer publication reflecting the lack of advertisers and entries now appearing in the printed edition. So, where are all the tradesmen? The accent is very much now on searching online for the tradesmen and home services companies you need. ‘Yellow Pages’ used to use the tagline “let your fingers do the walking” accompanied with a memorable logo for flicking through pages of tradesmen; now your fingers need only click a mouse, or swipe your trackpad, tablet or smartphone screen to summon the relevant expert to your home.

The Online Revolution

Of course, you may have a favoured plumber or electrician readily available if they’re in your contacts list, but there may come a time when you need a replacement or perhaps another type of tradesman such as a carpet cleaner, gardener, tree services company, window cleaner or drains expert. They can easily be found online.

Google and search engines

The basic and obvious way is to use Google, Bing or other search engine. This used to be a bit of a blunt instrument method but got the job done; now it’s a little more precise in that search engines like Google often group tradesmen in localities based specifically on your precise location.

Yellow Pages

The famous trades directory has an online presence in the form of and YP which function in the way the printed version does in online form. The benefits of modern web technology mean you’re given the salient information about a tradesman in their entry and you can often click through to their website to learn more.

Tradesmens’ Own Websites

Most tradesmen now have some sort of web presence. The ease and low cost of having a basic self-hosted website means the barrier to entry is very low, so most will have at least a one page affair providing the basics about their service and how to contact them. Their websites would usually come up in a Google or other search engine enquiry.


Local directory style websites can provide selections of tradespeople. The limitations here are that maybe not all of the potential providers of the service you require in your locality will appear; some directories only offer a limited number of ‘spaces’ to tradesmen in certain service categories, and they may have to pay to appear.

Specialist Directories

Search services based on specific trades such as plumbing and building are available, so it’s possible to go to a specific site - say one for builders - and find a local tradesman from a search service dedicated to that particular trade. They go one better than simply providing a local tradesman or two in your area; you can post details of the job or work you want doing and the site passes it to a selection of local builders in your locality. Next, the builder sends their quote back and you can then view their profile entry on the website, along with testimonials posted there, and choose the people you'd like to do the work for you. It’s a free service, and you can also search for tradesmen by your location similar to and other directories, and read their profiles and testimonials. Any number of local builders in a given locality can appear on the website free, although there is an enhanced paid option, so your search wouldn’t be restricted to just those firms who choose to pay and to just one or two builders in your area.

The Flexibility Of Online Search

The variety and ease of searching online for tradesmen is a far cry from when the only method was printed directories such as ‘Yellow Pages’ and the local paper. One method of finding a tradesman that hasn't gone out of fashion though is word of mouth; if you come across an expert recommended by someone you can trust then that’s one of the best ways of all.