Five Ways to Make Your Logo Stand Out in the Crowd

Five Ways to Make Your Logo Stand Out in the Crowd

The Ingredients for Creating a Killer Logo The best logos look so simple that anyone could have designed them. But that belies the effort and research that went into their creation. Standing out from the rest in a crowded room is a perfect metaphor for one of the biggest challenges facing marketing teams in 2018. Whatever sector you might operate in, there are lower barriers to entry and wider marketplaces than ever before. A company that was competing with half a dozen business rivals in a local geographic area 20 years ago might have 100 competitors and a global client base today. Here on this small island, that is an opportunity as much as a threat. However, it means that London logo designers are having to be more imaginative than ever in creating logos for their clients that encapsulate the brand and are instantly memorable and recognisable. It sounds simple if you say it quickly enough. Here are five core principles behind making it happen.

1) Think customer first

The logo is all about the brand, but the brand needs to be all about its customers. It is easy for something that is so personal to the company to become a vanity project about what you want, but to succeed, everything needs to be driven by customer demands. For logo design, this means having a clear picture of who is in your target demographic, and what appeals to them. To take two extreme examples, look at the Disney brand logo compared with that of Credit Suisse.

2) Colour sets the mood

Psychologists have written numerous papers on how our brains react to different colours. Blue represents health and trust, red engenders excitement, green is associated with growth and so on. It might sound a little “new age” but there is solid research behind it, so ignore it at your peril.

3) Remember the KISS principle

Keep It Simple, Stupid. The KISS principle follows its own advice, in that it is stunning in its simplicity and can be successfully applied to practically every aspect of business, or indeed life. In logo design, anything that is too busy can be counter productive. Look at Microsoft’s logo as a perfect example of the KISS principle in action. Four coloured squares that make up a larger square. Anyone can come up with something like that, surely? And it’s worth $63 billion.

4) Use the negative space

From the arrow hidden in the FedEx logo to the bear on the Toblerone, designs within designs are simple, but at the same time make a great talking point as people see them for the first time and share the secret with their friends.

5) Be original

The best logos might seem like something anyone could have created, but the point is that they did. Your job is to come up with something new that tells a story, appeals to your customers and says something about your brand. It’s not as simple as it might look, and is why those professional logo designers will still be in business for a while yet.