Emergency Generators for Business Operations

Emergency Generators for Business Operations

A Modern Business Cannot Survive Without Power

In the modern age, businesses are completely reliant on electricity. Emergency backup should be top of the business continuity list. There is no shortage of statistics and articles about the digital age, with the media full of buzzword and phrases such as the fourth industrial revolution. Clearly, technology has changed the face of commerce, and there is not a single industry that has not felt the impact. The fact that we rely on technology so much in both our business and personal lives does, however, mean we are completely dependent on that technology being reliable. This is why organisations spend money on the latest software, and devote hours on end to business continuity planning, data back ups and so on. However, according to London generator hire experts, many businesses overlook one fundamental point – both the systems and the backup processes are reliant on a dependable electrical supply in order to be effective. With winter upon us, now is the time to think hard about whether your business is as prepared as it needs to be when it comes to keeping the lights on, the router running and the business ticking over.

Costing businesses millions

Every year, PWC conducts its business continuity management survey, and every year, it comes back saying the same thing. Extreme weather events present the single greatest threat when it comes to business interruption, and affect three out of four companies every year. The consequences can be significant. Inability to access online systems is one thing, but our modern reliance on technology is such that in many cases, it is not even possible to enter buildings without having the power on. Businesses that have perishables on the premises, such as food, beverages, chemicals and so on face even more of a problem. In short, a power interruption of even a day or two can easily wind up costing a business thousands.

Remote workers need power too

When we talk about the power needs of businesses, we typically picture modern office blocks, manufacturing facilities and other industrial and commercial premises. However, this is only half the story. Another consequence of the digital age is the absolute explosion in remote workers, freelancers and sole traders who work from home. For them, no power means it is impossible to work, and not working means not earning - although some compensation may be available. Business continuity planning and particularly backup power options are just as important for home workers as they are for large commercial sites.

Generator hire

When it comes down to it, there will always be occasions when the power goes out. It is not a question of if, but of when, and for how long. For businesses large and small, a power outage can be extremely costly. A backup diesel generator provides a backup power source and can ultimately save a business thousands of pounds. For home workers, the benefits are even more obvious. A generator that can meet the needs of a domestic home is inexpensive to hire and will keep the remote worker operational and the family warm and comfortable, whatever surprises the British weather might have in store.