Common Electrical Issues That Could Impact Your Business

Common Electrical Issues That Could Impact Your Business

For businesses, it’s important to have a consistent, uninterrupted supply of electric power and faultless operation of technology to achieve success ever day. We rely on technology heavily now so that when issues do happen, it can mean big problems for our business. Whether it’s from interrupted supply lines or loss of data, electrical problems can cause businesses a lot of difficulties. Most commercial electricians offer bespoke electrical packages to businesses, helping to support them and keep them up and running every day. Here are 4 common electrical issues that businesses may suffer from at some point.  

Sudden power outages

An unannounced power outage can spell catastrophe for many businesses, especially if the business works in a client facing industry. Power outages can be caused by a problem with the grid, in which case you will just need to sit and wait it out. Most of the time however it can be an issue with the electrics within the business, usually caused by something simple like a safety trigger being switched. If the power outage doesn’t affect the entire building, then it could be a circuit breaker that’s tripped for that area. This usually happens when the breaker is overloaded with power and can’t cope. Sometimes just flicking the switch will bring the power back on, but if it doesn’t, you need a professional electrician in Harlow to take a look before the power can come back on.


Sparks coming from electrical outlets in the workplace occurs when someone plugs in a machine or turns something on. When this happens, the appliance you have just plugged in suddenly starts drawing power that other appliances were using, causing initial sparks before the electron settle down again. If the sparks don’t settle, outlets and wires around them may start to melt or burn. If this is happening, the mains power will need to be shut off immediately and an electrician should be called to find and solve the problem.

Flickering lights

Flickering lights in the workplace can have long term negative effects on the business and workforce. A loose connection usually causes lights to flicker, which is a small issue, but if it isn’t fixed quickly it can turn into major damage. It can also cause distraction and irritability for people working in the environment, which is bad for productivity and customer service.

Heavy use appliances

Depending on the industry, some office appliances are very ‘heavy’ which means the amount of load they place on the power. This is a common problem in factories and warehouse-based businesses. If a business has too many heavy appliances running at once, the excessive power needed can cause the circuit breaker to trip multiple times. This issue can be fixed by a professional electrician who will carry out a full electrical safety upgrade to make sure the infrastructure can suit your needs.