Break the Ice With Your Colleagues With an Indoor Team Building Event

Break the Ice With Your Colleagues With an Indoor Team Building Event

Laying The Foundations For Future Success

 Indoor team building events are the most effective way of bringing your employees together, come rain or shine. If you want to build a strong business, it’s vital that you focus on people just as much as profits. Breaking the ice between co-workers is essential if you want to have everyone collaborating and working productively together, regardless of their roles. So why not invest in a team building event?

Creating team players

If you’ve recently been on a recruitment drive and are struggling to think of a way to break the ice with your newest colleagues, then team building could be the answer to your prayers. An indoor team building event is a great way to integrate new team members, as well as strengthen the existing relationships between long-time employees. You’ll be able to have fun, solve problems and learn to work better as, you guessed it, a team! The best thing of all? Zing Events, the indoor team building experts, will take care of every aspect of organising your event.

Innovative events

The days of the boring team building conference are long gone. Now you will get to take your pick from options such as pizza masterclasses, crime scene investigations and even taking part in your very own episode of The Apprentice. All of the team building sessions Zing Events offer are held in premium venues all over the UK – from spacious conference halls to quirky indoor locations. They are delivered by trained professionals who know just how to get the very best out of you and your colleagues.

No weather interruptions

If there’s one thing that you can count on when it comes to the great British weather, it’s its unpredictability! That’s why it’s so much better to opt for an indoor team building event. You won’t have to work around any weather disruption – whether that’s a torrential downpour or a sticky summer heatwave. So you can book your event knowing that it will go ahead on that day – a must for team leaders with hectic schedules that need finalising in advance.

Bring together different teams

If you’ve noticed some distance between different departments in your workplace, a team building event is sure to fix that. If you have, say,  a logistics department and a social media team, they may not have the opportunity to interact much in the workplace. By placing people in groups with colleagues they may not normally work with, they will be able to pick up new skills and a new appreciation for their co-workers. This will lead to much more harmony back in the office, with team members working with an open mind and more consideration for others.

Continue to develop workplace relationships

Once you have enjoyed a team building event at the indoor location of your choice, you’ll all head back into work feeling re-energized and determined to succeed. It’s important not to let all of the hard work that you put in during your team building function go to waste though. Be sure to create a welcoming workplace environment, and encourage your team to communicate – and make time for some fun too! With a positive mindset in place, your business will go from strength to strength in 2019.