Author: Jennifer Mitchell


What Does the Future Hold for Generator Power

Looking forward to 2021 and beyond in the generator industry The world of hire power generators is always evolving, striving to be better and moving forward to keep up with expectations, new problems and customer demand. We take a look at what the generator power industry will be concentrating on in 2021 and beyond… Continued […]


Why Your Courier Company Should Become ISO Certified

Demonstrate Excellence With Global Accreditation Help your courier firm stand out from industry rivals by investing in international ISO accreditations. Couriers have provided a vital service throughout the pandemic, as everyone from homeowners, small businesses and large companies have relied on them to support as normal daily life as possible. From home deliveries of groceries […]


How To Choose The Best Transcription Agency

What to look for in a transcription agency Searching for a transcription service isn’t always easy. You have to trust them with sensitive and confidential audio recordings and hope they can perform well. Here’s a list of things to look for when choosing the right agency for you… What services do they offer? First things […]


How Can Businesses Measure The Success Of Their Software Development?

Which Metrics Should You Track? Do you use metrics and KPIs to track the success and performance of your software development investment? Here are some ideas of what to measure. The pandemic has created a need for businesses to innovate and fully commit to their individual digital transformation. Statistics collated by KPMG reveal that global […]


What Do Building Inspectors Look For When It Comes To Fire Safety?

Understanding Fire Safety Building Regulations If you’re embarking on a largescale property project, it’s essential to seek fire safety guidance before you begin. If you’re building or renovating your home, then at some point you’ll come up against Plan B of the Building Regulations code (England and Wales) which relates to fire safety. Far from […]


Maintenance Tips For New Static Home Owners

How To Enjoy Your New Static Caravan For Years To Come A static home is a major investment that needs looking after. Protect both the interior and exterior of your static caravan with these simple tips. 2020 has been the year of the UK staycation, and perhaps not surprisingly, dealers are reporting a boom in […]


How To Handle ISO Audits During The Pandemic

Why It’s The Perfect Time For An Internal Review Have you got an ISO audit coming up? There’s never been a better time to take a close look at your internal operations. ISO certification requires internal audits to be carried out at planned intervals in order to prevent your accreditation from lapsing. Auditing may have […]