Attract Buyers To Your Property By Maximising Your Garden


Attract Buyers To Your Property By Maximising Your Garden

Sell Your Home By Promoting Your Outdoor Living Space Buyers in 2020 are looking for bigger gardens. Make sure they’re attracted to yours by following these top sale tips. During the height of lockdown in April 2020, the Guardian reported that there are now two classes of people – those who have gardens and those who do not. Never before has access to outdoor space seemed as important as during the pandemic. The difference has never been greater between those who spent Easter enjoying back garden BBQs in unseasonably great weather, versus those who had to dangle their legs out of the apartment windows one at a time to grab some rays. With changes to working arrangements, urban dwellers are now leaving their cities behind in droves to find a home with outdoor living space in the suburbs or even more rural areas. If you’re selling a property that could appeal to them, make sure you maximise your garden so that it’s a main feature of your property.

What Are People Doing In Their Gardens

When considering how best to revamp your garden, it pays to take a look at how people intend to use their outdoor space. Rightmove surveyed 4,000 home-movers to determine how Covid-19 and the imposed lockdown had affected their property priorities. 63% of buyers and 59% of renters chose a bigger garden, or access to one as their number one focus. Looking forward, 89% of those surveyed planned to exercise outdoors and 82% wanted to garden outdoors after the lockdown. A new garden space which has enough space for fitness sessions as well as plenty of ways for homeowners to connect with nature are likely to be popular with potential buyers.

Getting Your Garden Ready for Viewings

Whether you’re preparing to show off your garden for agent photos, virtual viewings or in-person viewings, you’ll want to ensure that it’s looking its best. A firm of Romford estate agents explain that there are some really simple and inexpensive jobs you can carry out to make sure your garden space is sparkling. Begin by tidying away anything unnecessary so that the area doesn’t look cluttered. Remove kids’ toys, bikes and scooters as well as any broken plant pots or tools that have been discarded outside. Be sure to mow your lawn, do some weeding, jet wash your patio and clean your windows.

Carrying Out Repairs

If you know that an area of your garden could look unappealing to buyers, then it’s important to take remedial steps to fix anything that’s broken. This might include fence panels, guttering or a dodgy gate. It doesn’t take much to add a lick of paint to your woodwork or add some new hanging baskets for a pop of colour either.

Create A Focal Point

Do you have a natural focal point to draw attention to? Perhaps a firepit, a water fountain or a pond that adds natural charm to your outdoor environment? If you have such a feature, you might even rejig your garden design and use this as at the centre of your layout. By simply repositioning your furniture, you can completely transform the look of your outdoor space. Begin by having a wander around your garden and take some photos to see what buyers might think about your outdoor space when they view it for the first time. With the stamp duty holiday in place until 31 March 2021, now is a great chance to tempt prospective buyers by maximising your garden space as a key property feature.