5 Fun Indoor Team Building Activities for Adults

5 Fun Indoor Team Building Activities for Adults

Team building is a very popular activity amongst people in the work place, encouraging conversation and a stronger bond between the workforce. There are a wide range of indoor team building london activities to choose from, depending on the amount of people and the purpose of the activity.  

GPS treasure hunt adventurer

  If you’re looking for a problem-solving activity, then the GPS treasure hunt is for you! The innovative and fully interactive activity is a unique and interesting way of exploring a location. With easy to use technology, teams will have to work together to answer a range of interactive questions and challenges, all delivered through iPad’s. This completely unique GPS Adventure has great challenges, fun questions and interactive maps to see your position against your competing teams!  

Crystal Maze indoors

  For a fun activity to really get to know your colleagues, the Crystal Maze event challenges teams to compete in physical, mental, mystery and skill challenges in order to win the most crystals. The more crystals the teams win, the more time they will have in the Crystal Dome finale! The challenges are varied to suit all skills and are designed to help encourage skills such as communication, logic, co-ordination, problem solving and time management.  

Mexican railway

  If you’re looking for a team building exercise that is great fun and targets time management, then the Mexican Railway is for you! A simple but fun team building activity where the group need to come together to construct a railway-like contraption that can carry a ball around the team circle. The activity requires everyone to come together as a team and improve their cooperation, communication and creativity skills. The only equipment you will have are rolled newspaper rods and cable ties – so get thinking!  

Choc box challenge

  For the foodies in the office, why not book a creative and strategic project management activity? Teams are provided with fresh ingredients and craft materials and are challenged to devise a completely new, innovative and unique confectionary product. Once the product has been made, teams are required to make a business strategy and memorable TV commercial to present to the group. At the end of the challenge, only one team and their brand-new product will be the winner!  

Urban art

  If you have an office full of creative people, the Urban Art team building activity is the one for you. In this activity, each team are to create an urban art version of their own company logo. The twist in this is that the masterpiece must be divided into several sections and spread amongst the group. Collaborative effort is then needed to work together to ensure the canvas joins up at the end!