10 Things That Make Leyton Great

10 Things That Make Leyton Great

It’s Time to Rediscover East London’s Best Kept Secret

Reasonable prices, a short commute into central London and a fantastic local community – there’s a lot to like about Leyton. There’s a simple rule when it comes to prices on the outskirts of London. The further you get from the city, the more affordable the property. It’s a rule that has held true since time immemorial, but it seems that the district of Leyton didn’t quite get the memo. Take a peek through the windows of Leyton estate agents, and you will see that there are bargains to be had in this friendly suburb. Here are ten reasons to consider making Leyton your home if you are relocating to east London.

1) Bangs for your buck

Prices in Leyton are around 10 percent cheaper than comparable properties in Walthamstow, despite the latter being the best part of three miles further from the city. If you thought the days of bargain properties on the edge of London were gone forever, think again.

2) Amazing connections

Liverpool Street station is just over 10 minutes away on the Central Line, and you can be in the West End in 20 minutes. There are also bus routes that will take you anywhere and everywhere. You really couldn’t be better connected than you are in Leyton.

3) It’s where the real EastEnders live

Leyton is still home to plenty of traditional East End families who have lived here for generations and wouldn’t dream of living anywhere else. Having said that, there is also a healthy balance of new arrivals from all over the world. It makes for a vibrant, buzzing and very friendly community.

4) It’s attracting investment

Don’t think from the low prices and the traditional values that this is an area that time forgot. The Clementina Estate is a great example of the investment that Leyton attracts. Seven years ago, it looked down at heel, but since then, the Victorian terraces have been revitalised into contemporary apartments. And to put the icing on the cake, Lea Bridge Station reopened soon afterwards, having stood closed and deserted since 1985.

5) Celebrity residents

Leyton has many famous sons, most of whom arrived into the world at nearby Whipps Cross hospital. They include David Beckham, Graham Gooch and Trevor Bailey from the world of sport, and raconteurs Jonathan Ross and Frank Muir. It is also the place where legendary heavy metal group Iron Maiden was formed in 1975.

6) It’s got an Olympic-quality ice rink

East London opinions are divided on whether the Olympics really delivered any long-term benefit to the area. However, in Leyton, you are on safe ground. The Lea Valley centre was providing a top-quality skating experience years before London 2012, and will continue to do so for the decades to come.

7) There’s even a farm park

You might think living in Leyton means a lack of green living. Think again. Brooks Park is a working farm that provides fun and educational experiences for kids, as well as land-based courses for older students. It’s located just to the north of Leyton, not far from Midland Road station.

8) Local dining

The diverse community means there’s something for every taste and budget, and no need to revert to the big chains. Whether you want a pie and a pint, a quick kebab or a French or Italian fine dining experience, you’ll be able to find it in Leyton.

9) The Olympic Stadium

It’s the elephant in the room – but who can come to Leyton and not check out the iconic stadium, just up the road in Stratford? It’s now home to West Ham, but even if you are not a football fan, a stadium tour is one of those things you just have to do.

10) The M11

When the new M11/A12 link road appeared in the late 1990s, it caused some controversy. But there’s no denying it has made Leyton and Leytonstone far nicer places to live, with vastly reduced through traffic. So head over to a Leyton estate agent and arrange some viewings before the house prices catch up with the surrounding areas.