What Does the Future Hold for Generator Power


What Does the Future Hold for Generator Power

Looking forward to 2021 and beyond in the generator industry The world of hire power generators is always evolving, striving to be better and moving forward to keep up with expectations, new problems and customer demand. We take a look at what the generator power industry will be concentrating on in 2021 and beyond…

Continued market growth

The industry for hire power generators has steadily grown over recent years and is expected to continue to do so – and it’s easy to see why. Generator hire in London offers many benefits over buying so proves an attractive option to many companies. This long list of advantages includes affordability, less maintenance, access to a wide range of options and the opportunity to utilise expert knowledge of the hire company. The market has grown across the globe as the demand has increased. Across the world, areas more susceptible to natural disasters have had to hire generators to provide support after earthquakes, hurricanes and other significant weather events have hit them. Another area boosting the hire generator market is construction. Large projects continue to require the use of hired generators to power machinery.

Striving for sustainability

As you would expect the generator power industry is doing what it can to be more environmentally friendly and reduce its carbon footprint. Natural gas generators have seen a rise in popularity and are being favoured over traditional diesel generators. Natural gas generators use methane as fuel, which is a greenhouse gas (a type of gas that traps heat in the atmosphere and makes the Earth warmer, known as the Greenhouse Effect). Despite this, this type of generator emits much less emissions into the atmosphere than diesel (which produce lots of carbon dioxide); making natural gas generators an attractive option for companies looking to lower their carbon footprint and environmental impact. Making this switch also offers other benefits to companies. Natural gas generators operate at a much quieter level producing less noise pollution. This is perfect for those in built-up areas or that neighbour other business and are worried about disturbing them. Additionally, they provide a more cost-effective method of hire power as they are cheaper to fuel than their diesel counterparts. Natural gas generators are an ideal option for companies with less space, as you don’t need large fuel storage tanks. More difficult to find on the market, but also providing an environmental improvement over solely diesel generators are hybrid generators; which combines traditional diesel power generation with an integrated battery bank. These are another option for companies to consider.   The future is bright for generator power with the continued demand for its services. The rising popularity and development of natural gas generators is exciting for both the planet and the companies using them.