The Ultimate Guide To Hiring A Templant Generator

The Ultimate Guide To Hiring A Templant Generator

Understanding The Logistics And Setup Of Temporary Power Solutions

Typical questions you might ask when considering hiring a generator to provide temporary power needs for your organisation. If you require temporary power solutions, then a Templant generator is just what you need. Templant has a wide range of diesel generators available for hire, and can advise on the best model or approach to providing power. If this is your first time using a generator for your organisation, or your event, then here are some typical questions you may have:

What Can You Use A Generator For?

The fleet of Templant generators range in power from 13kVA to 1250kVA and can supply anything from a marquee or a bouncy castle at a small local event, to much larger scale shows or gigs. However, generators are also relied upon in industry, either as power support for a data centre in a disaster recovery scenario, or powering medical equipment which simply cannot be allowed to experience a dip. Whether as a short-term ‘emergency’ response, or as a pre-planned standby measure, Templant generator hire is the ideal solution for your power requirements.

Where Is The Generator Housed?

The type of generator and its location will depend on how much space you have available to you. Where space is tight, it would be best to utilise a road-towable generator which is great for temporary power situations. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a more long-term arrangement and can accommodate a generator in your layout, then you can opt for a static generator to be set in place with the aid of a fork truck.

How Quickly Can You Supply A Generator?

The nature of generator usage is that often they’re needed in emergency scenarios – to offer power solutions during blackouts, or when other supplies have failed. So naturally, you don’t always have the luxury of booking in advance. Templant understands this and has a team of engineers on standby 24/7 to provide power throughout Essex, Hertfordshire and London within a rapid amount of time. Using Templant’s own transportation fleet removes reliability on a third-party haulage to carry the generators, so the response time in a power-related emergency is second to none.

Fully Accredited

Working with generators requires specialist knowledge and customers should only work with professionals who can demonstrate that their expertise is up-to-date and fully accredited. Templant’s engineers hold the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 qualifications which highlights the breadth of knowledge and professionalism held. You can be assured that such accreditations mean that both the setup of your generator, along with any maintenance requirements will be handled quickly and with ease.

Why Should You Hire Instead Of Buy?

If your organisation requires more of a long-term generator solution, then you might ask whether it’s more cost-effective to buy your own generator. The answer is that the cost of maintenance and need to do so regularly, means that a generator purchase would be unlikely to be a more affordable solution for your business. Additionally, having access to engineers on-demand would cost an incredible amount, but is all part of the service at Templant. If you’re ready to look into hiring a Templant generator, then the first step is to get in touch to discuss your needs on 0844 561 6344.