Stylish Reception Furniture

Stylish Reception Furniture

Make a great first impression with these stylish reception furniture ideas. Creating the right atmosphere in a reception area is important for the first-time impressions visitors will get when they walk in to the building.

Bring in the great outdoors

To create an urban, edgy feel to the reception area, why not incorporate rattan garden furniture into the room, with comfortable sofa sets positioned against large glass walls and exposed beams. Garden Furniture Compare stock a comprehensive range of furniture sets, which will give off an alternative sleek and chic feel. If you want to carry on with the outdoor theme, why not follow Amazon’s environmentally-friendly and inexpensive table options. Amazon used solid-core wooden doors with no pre-drilled holes and attach pillars as legs. This provides a large, workable surface for the team and allows you to save money to use for other elements of the office!

Classic style

For a simple, no fuss welcome, the classic reception desk is the ideal option. Classic desks can often be fully customisable to ensure that the simple stylish perfectly matches the company. Once a classic, clean front desk is installed, think about matching simplistic accessories, such as chrome floor lamps, comfy seats and chairs and minimal art on the walls. It gives off a clean, professional and simplistic feel!

Contemporary furniture

Contemporary reception furniture will give the area a modern, stylish look that looks professional and official. It’s statistically proven that any glimpse of nature has been shown to boost creativity, so incorporating a way for your team to connect with the great outdoors is beneficial for everyone. Live plants, such as Peace Lilies, English Ivy and Parlor Palm, are easy to look after and require little to no care, making them the perfect plant to bright up an office!