£45m Regeneration Scheme ‘Breathes A New Life’ into Hatfield Businesses

£45m Regeneration Scheme ‘Breathes A New Life’ into Hatfield Businesses

Welwyn Hatfield Council recently appointed Lovell, a building and housing development company, as the developer to regenerate the centre of High View in Hatfield with £45million.

Hatfield regeneration

The area has been a hub for the community since the 1950s, so the regeneration is expected to provide a welcoming transformation with new places and spaces for people to live, work, meet and shop in. The regeneration is expected to introduce 150 new homes to the area, ranging from one-bed flats to three-bed houses. A planning application is currently being put together for the scheme, where around 18 commercial units would become available to current tenants and new businesses.

Local businesses benefiting from the redevelopment

Local hotels in the area are expected to receive an increase in business thanks to the redevelopment of the area. Beales Hotel, a luxury hotel in Hertfordshire, will benefit from the influx of potential new customers visiting the area. The luxury hotel is surrounded by 35 acres of beautifully landscaped gardens, providing a peaceful and tranquil form of escapism for those that visit Hatfield. The project is likely to be carried out in three phases to minimise disruption to residents and businesses, with all works expected to be completed in 2022. The development company Lovell were selected following an EU procurement process, overseen by a cross-party member board. The company brings 45 years’ experience in housing led-regeneration, specialising in restoring the history and heart of a community.

Career opportunities in Hatfield

The firm will also be able to offer job and training opportunities for the area through the regeneration scheme, including eight apprenticeships, work experience placements and construction skills courses. The redeveloped homes and business spaces will breathe a new life into the area, which is hoped to improve the accessibility, both locally and to other parts of the town.