Get Your Team Off To A Flying Start in 2017

New year, new start: how to get the most out of your team in the year ahead From team building activities to reward schemes and regular communication. There are simple steps you can take to help boost the performance of your workforce. The start of a new year is a great opportunity for planning and […]

The $7 Billion Super Sewer

What London’s new ‘super sewer’ is and how it will help alleviate the capital’s drainage problems by preventing sewage being discharged into the River Thames. 15 Mile Long Tunnel Under The Thames To Help London’s Sewage Overflow To combat increasing pressure on the capital’s existing sewers, a huge tunnel running from Acton in West London […]

How to Keep Your Business Clean and Safe

Keeping your business clean with commercial cleaning products, whether it be for a shop, factory or a warehouse, should be a high priority when keeping your business clean and safe. In order to maintain your workplace stays clean and safe, you need to put some cleaning rules and regulations into the workplace. Delegate cleaning tasks […]