Maintenance Tips For New Static Home Owners


Maintenance Tips For New Static Home Owners

How To Enjoy Your New Static Caravan For Years To Come A static home is a major investment that needs looking after. Protect both the interior and exterior of your static caravan with these simple tips. 2020 has been the year of the UK staycation, and perhaps not surprisingly, dealers are reporting a boom in enquiries about static caravans for sale. Following lockdown, prices for static homes have risen sharply, as demand outweighs a limited supply of units. With people unable or unwilling to travel abroad for their holiday, this has created a need for Brits to enjoy a safe and enjoyable vacation at home in the UK. If you’ve recently purchased a static home for the first time, then you’ll need to ensure that your holiday investment remains in tip-top condition. Follow these maintenance tips to take easy care of your static caravan.

Protecting The Exterior

Before we get inside your static, you’ll naturally want your static home to sparkle from the outside. Try to commit to washing the exterior panels at least twice a year; you might also use a little wax for added protection from the elements.  A wax oil is also really useful when maintaining the chassis, which can corrode quite easily unless you check it regularly. Just as with your permanent home, your guttering can be a magnet for all kinds of debris. Keep them clear, especially during autumn and winter when you’ll get a natural build-up of leaves and twigs. If you let your guttering duties slide, then this can encourage water to collect and seep through the roof or side panels and into your static home. Whilst you’re checking your guttering, always give your roof a quick once-over to ensure that it’s in great working order. If you notice any holes, which would hopefully be uncommon, then you’ll need to arrange for a maintenance professional to assist with this. If you’re struggling to find someone quickly, then try using a flashing agent in the meantime to plug the hole. It goes without saying that having a hole in your roof is not a problem that you should put off!

Discouraging Damp

Luckily, there is less that needs to be done in terms of maintaining the inside of your static home. However, damp is one of the biggest problems that owners struggle with, particularly if they use their holiday home infrequently. It’s really important to try and keep the caravan aired when not in use. If you’re vacating your static home for a prolonged period, then it would be a great idea to leave all the doors and windows open, with you in the vicinity, on your final day. This provides a great chance for air to circulate properly. Before you leave, try to keep your curtains open, position mattresses propped upright on the bed and move furniture slightly away from the walls. Your wardrobe doors should be kept open also to improve the air flow and discourage damp from forming.


PAT testing of your electrical appliances is imperative to ensure adequate safety within your static home. Similarly, your boiler must be serviced at least every three years. If you’re leaving your static home for a while, then check with your utilities provider about their recommended course of action. Often, this would be to disconnect your gas and electricity supplies until you return. You should always turn off the water supply before you leave and flush the toilets through to ensure that freezing water won’t cause any damage to your pipes and cisterns. Much like being a home owner, static homes also come with responsibilities. Stick to the maintenance tips above, and you’ll enjoy your new style of holiday for many years to come.