Lose Weight Faster With This Non-Surgical Procedure

Lose Weight Faster With This Non-Surgical Procedure

An effective way to kick-start your weight loss

Losing weight can be a difficult journey but the therapy-based GM Band treatment offers a quick, effective and long-lasting way to shed the excess pounds. Britain has a weight problem. With more than a quarter of adults classed as obese, the UK is officially the fattest nation in Western Europe. And this has significant implications for our health with obesity linked to a number of serious health problems including, heart disease, stroke, and 13 different types of cancer. We all know that being overweight is bad for our health, but finding an effective way to shed the excess pounds can be more difficult than it seems.

Traditional weight loss methods

In theory, everyone knows that in order to lose weight you need to eat fewer calories and exercise more. It may sound simple enough but it takes time and effort and is certainly not a quick fix. Many people find it difficult to follow a calorie-controlled diet for months, or even years, and with our increasingly busy lifestyles it can be difficult to find the time to exercise several times a week. After trying and failing to lose weight in the traditional way, some dieters start to look at surgical options. Weight loss (or bariatric) surgery, such as having a gastric bypass or a gastric band fitted, is sometimes used as a treatment for people who are very obese, and it can lead to significant weight loss. However, it is a major operation and carries risks of complications. What’s more, it doesn’t address the underlying problems that are causing an unhealthy relationship with food.

Non-surgical treatment

In recognition of this, husband and wife team Marion and Martin Shirran have developed the Gastric Mind Band – a completely safe, non-invasive, non-surgical weight loss option that provides permanent results. Working out of their clinic in Fuengirola, Spain, they deliver a programme of psychology-based treatment which combines recognised therapeutic approaches such as Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and TCBT (the most highly researched talking therapy in the world), with weight loss hypnosis and hypnotherapy. Over the course of three to four days, clients undergo four highly structured sessions with the clinic’s therapists, encompassing conceptualisation, a health assessment, and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. In the final session clients undergo a visualisation process which culminates in the ‘fitting’ of the GM Band.

Permanent lifestyle change

What sets the GM Band weight loss programme apart from other treatments is its focus on psychology as a diagnostic and treatment tool. The founders of GM Band believe that being overweight and having an unhealthy relationship with food is essentially a psychological issue, and that this first needs to be addressed and resolved in order for any diet to achieve long term success. In order to achieve this, GM Band looks to re-train your cognitive thinking and permanently change the way you think about food. And, unlike many other surgical and non-surgical treatments, the GM Band is more than just a quick fix. Ultimately the treatment programme aims to change your attitude towards food and eating in order to make a permanent lifestyle change, and this is facilitated with the provision of diet and nutrition advice, along with follow-up support after completing the treatment.

Proven results

GM Band may sound like an unusual weight loss tactic, but its unique approach seems to work – as testified by the clinic’s long list of satisfied clients. So, if traditional dieting isn’t working for you and you’re looking for a quick, effective and long-lasting weight loss method, GM Band could offer the perfect solution.