Is It Time To Replace Your Double Glazing?


Is It Time To Replace Your Double Glazing?

Wear and Tear Signs In Double Glazing Installations Double glazing has been a game-changer for property owners who want to keep their homes warm. But how do you know if yours is in good condition? Double glazing was invented up in Scotland in the 1930s, where harsh weather conditions drove the necessity for people to warm their properties. This innovation was well-received and became popular in the US, but oddly didn’t really take off in the UK until the 1970s. Up until this point, British building codes were quite relaxed which didn’t inspire homeowners to invest in the energy efficiency of their homes. However, a fall in the price of aluminium frames made double glazing more affordable and from the 70s onwards, manufacturing costs decreased and the popularity of this technology surged.

How Long Does Double Glazing Last For?

Quality double glazing can last for as long as twenty or thirty years so long as it has been sourced and installed by reputable professionals. However, if you notice any signs of wear and tear in your glazing then it’s possible that the seal around your glazing has failed.

Signs That Double Glazing Isn’t Working

There are several ways in which you’ll notice that your double glazing seal isn’t working correctly. If you spot any leaks coming in from the exterior of your property, particularly during or after a period of heavy downpour, then this is a key sign that your double glazing is faulty. Similarly, any draughts of air which are seeping in from the outside to the inside, or vice versa, can highlight that there’s a problem. Quality double glazing should sit snugly against the brickwork of your property with no possibility of a leak. Again, this can be dependent on the condition of the weather seal. Finally, if you notice that your glazing panes are misting up, then this suggests that condensation may be forming on the inside of your double glazing. This will only happen if the seal is broken and water vapour is allowed to settle here.

Repairing or Replacing Your Double Glazing

Replacing your double glazing in its entirety will be necessary if you’ve had it installed for between twenty to thirty years, as it will simply have become out of date. However, a double glazing Essex firm suggests that if your glazing is much newer than this, you should check if a warranty is in place. Many new glazing installations come with a typical warranty of 10 years, so this may cover minor repair work. You also have the option of repairing a section of your double glazing without needing to reinstall the entire unit. In this way, your choice of double glazing professionals will replace the glass or other components of your uPVC doors or windows, such as the handles or locks, and switch them for new parts. It’s possible to find replacement components which will be an exact match for the original, so this means they will fit seamlessly into your design. It’s worth noting that if your property has been the target of a break-in and you have chips or cracks in your double glazing, then you’ll have no alternative but to opt for the glass to be replaced. With autumn approaching, and winter following in hot pursuit, now is the time to get your double glazing sorted so you can keep your property warm, cosy and energy efficient throughout the colder months.