Indoor Team Building Events to Keep Employees Productive

Indoor Team Building Events to Keep Employees Productive

How A Great Event Can Transform Your Workforce

If you want to get the most out of your team members, then look at some fun indoor activities to boost productivity. If you want to boost productivity in your workplace, then you should look at an indoor team building event. Zing Events hold fun, ground-breaking team building activities in a wide range of locations. So come rain or shine, you and your team members can enjoy a fun team building event that will pay off when you are back in the office. Here are five of their best indoor events, and the ways in which they can improve your team’s productivity.

Pizza making classes

A lots goes into making a great pizza, which is why a pizza making class is so good at boosting communication between workers. Your team will feel much more comfortable opening up to each other, which will lead to much better task delegation and sharing. Collaborating during an event like this means supporting and spurring each other on, and that means better results back in the workplace!

Build a roller-coaster

Indoor team building events are great for helping to identify people’s individual strengths and weaknesses. Making sure the right person is in the right role is vital for productivity, as passion and a natural aptitude for a role are what is going to drive results and profits up. Something like building a roller-coaster together will show you who is good at leading, being creative, logical and so on.

Urban artists

If you want to get your team to take a more creative approach, then get them to create an urban art version of the company logo!  Thinking creatively is essential when it comes to high productivity, as an open-minded approach will stop a person panicking when a problem occurs, and focus on moving past it instead. A creative outlook is also vital when you are developing ideas to take your company forward.

Escape room

Working to a deadline can be stressful, but a good team building activity will help your staff to thrive under pressure, not buckle. An escape room is the ultimate pressurised situation, and your team will need to work together to get out and beat the clock. So later on, when an exciting opportunity comes along and there isn’t much time to make a success of it, your team will be able to put their heads down and get the job done.

Factor X

Last but not least, a team building event can improve confidence. Take the Factor X activity for example. Teams will dance with experienced choreographers, work on a song together, and then perform it at the end of the day, leaving them feeling like superstars. Confidence is essential for high productivity, whether a team member is chasing down leads, making an important decision or closing out a deal.

Team building events make sense

Taking part in a team building event will only mean setting aside a few hours, but the effect that it can have on your work place is immeasurable. Along with decorating your office and creating a positive workplace culture, an indoor team building activity will totally transform how your members of staff perform alone and as a team. So what are you waiting for? Give Zing Events a call today!