Five Tips to Help you Choose a Temporary Power Hire Company


Five Tips to Help you Choose a Temporary Power Hire Company

How to find the temporary power hire company for your needs Selecting the best temporary power hire company doesn’t have to be difficult; with prior research of the market you can choose the company perfect for your requirements. Keep in mind our five tips to ensure you know what to look for:

Find out their location

Where you’re looking for generator hire in London or elsewhere, make sure you know where the company is based. This is very important when it comes to emergency situations like sudden power outages or other maintenance issues that require a technician to be onsite quickly. The closer they are to your businesses the more likely problems can be resolved with short turnover times.

Ask about their emergency response protocol

You’re going to want the peace of mind that your temporary power hire company can respond rapidly in the case of an emergency. Ascertain their procedures, average response time and ways they guarantee to be with you as rapidly as possible. For example, they may have their own fleet of vehicles ready to go at any time.

Know their opening hours

Find out what their hours of contact are. You’re ideally looking for a company you can get in touch with 24 hours a day all year round. This is especially important if your business needs power through the night – you don’t want to be stuck with no power and no way to speak to your supply company. You may also want to identify whether you will have a single point on contact. Some businesses prefer to communicate with just one technician for consistency and familiarity. If this is important to you then ask the company if it’s possible.

Ensure they are reliable

Don’t commit to a company without scoping out their reliability. Have a look on their website for a testimonials page or search online for reviews. Hopefully you’ll only find positive comments, but if you see any red flags then either chat to the company about it or proceed with someone else. You could also ask about the company’s technicians and their training – can you rely on them to have the expert knowledge you need? It’s essential that you know you can trust them.

Check their product/ services catalogue

It sounds obvious but make sure they actually provide the products and offer the services you’re looking for. There’s no point investigating emergency procedures or opening hours if the company can’t give you what you need anyway!   Using our tips and researching the market will help you find the temporary power company ideal for you and your needs.