Estate Agent Jargon Explained

Estate Agent Jargon Explained

It seems like estate agents are speaking another language sometimes, but it's easier to decipher than you think. Estate agents have to be some of the most maligned professionals in the country. When you ask people what it is that they dislike about estate agents, it's often the jargon that they use. So to help you out a little, here's your very own translation guide which we have put together with the help of Balgores estate agents!


A big gripe with buyers is how estate agents try to describe properties that aren't that impressive. Words like 'bijou' (it means small and delicate) seem to be the most despised, along with 'compact' and 'cosy'. Why not just say that it's small? Well, estate agents want you to love this home, not put you off at the first hurdle. After all, size doesn't always matter – it’s whether a home works for you.

Interior Design

Your agent may say that a property has 'great character', while you think it hasn't seen a paintbrush since 1900. If an estate agent does start talking about 'period features' though, don't be tempted to walk straight out of the door. Instead, take a closer look at the property. You may find that some parts of the original décor are worth salvaging, such as sash windows and ceiling roses.


You've asked for a property near a station, and instead you're being shown around one that's a thirty minute walk away. 'Great transport links'? Yeah right! Remember though, that close proximity to transport hubs can send prices through the roof – the same goes for schools too. Take a closer look at your budget and decide if you need to make some compromises or spend a little more.

Looking Past The Jargon

You may never love spending an afternoon with an estate agent, but at the end of the day, they just want to find you a new home Yes, their jargon may be a little baffling, but once you've translated it you can look forward to discovering a property that works for you.