Don’t Let Expensive Transport Costs Ruin Your Business

Don’t Let Expensive Transport Costs Ruin Your Business

In the Global Marketplace, Transport and Logistics are Key

Today’s businesses operate in a global marketplace. That means more opportunities, but also the potential for crippling transport costs. Any business that revolves around supplying a physical product to its customer is faced with the question of delivery, from foods and perishables getting onto supermarket shelves to raw materials being transported to factories to household ecommerce purchases being sent out to the buyer’s home. The technological revolution might seem to have made the world a smaller place, making cross border trade simple. But when we return from the virtual world to the real one, the distance between London and Warsaw is exactly the same as it has ever been. The European road freight business is booming, and that spells good news for savvy shippers, as new methods have emerged to save money on your transport costs. Here are some examples.

Use groupage

The fact that so many people are shipping so many products across Europe has allowed logistics firms to set up regular groupage shipments to a range of destinations. Groupage is when shippers combine a number of small shipments to make up one truck or full container load. Consolidating in this way makes it possible for them to schedule regular, timetabled journeys to each destination. The shipping company can achieve cost reductions by pre-booking these regular voyages on either Eurotunnel or the ferry, and these are in turn passed on to the shippers – it results in cost savings for all concerned. The number of European countries being served in this way, with weekly or even twice-weekly shipments is constantly growing. Current destinations are Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Georgia, Germany, Hungary, Iran, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden and Ukraine.

Leverage technology

Telematics is a new technology that is revolutionising road freight. It provides up to the minute information on where your cargo is on its journey, with constantly updated ETA information. Information like this is key to improving customer satisfaction and reducing costs incurred through late deliveries, but that is only the beginning of what telematics can do to save you money. The technology can help you identify areas of “slack” in the journey, along with common bottlenecks, meaning you can plan and route your logistics more efficiently. And as we advance to the next stage of technological evolution, the possibilities will get broader still. As trucks deliver cargo along their route, telematics will allow anyone to know how much capacity will be available on a given truck at a given moment. This will reduce the amount of empty cargo space being driven across Europe and allow shippers to take advantage of every square metre of cargo space, every mile of the way.

Saving money and improving efficiency for everyone

The current economic times are difficult, and as fuel prices continue to rise, both the transport companies and their customers are feeling the pinch. However, advances in technology and innovative ideas like groupage provide opportunities for everyone to remain profitable in today’s global marketplace.