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In need of some replacement or spare handwheels? Indifit has you covered.

Handwheels – often referred to as handknobs or handgrips are a type of handle used across various industries and applications to adjust or tighten things on machinery, cameras, domestic appliances, machine tools, products and equipment. Adjustable handwheels are easy to install, cost effective and provide an easy to grip surface for making adjustments with a […]

5 Reasons All Buyers Should Get a Building Survey for Their Potential Property

So you’ve found what you think could be the home of your dreams and have received a valuation survey from your prospective lender – so you don’t need ‘another’ survey right? Wrong. Many buyers hear the words ‘valuation survey’ and mistakenly think that their property has been thoroughly inspected. However this type of survey does […]

The Rise of Crime in Essex

Local crime is a worrying issue for most of us and we often find ourselves wondering if we will fall victim to a burglary, theft or even personal attack. The combination of prevalent social media sites and increased awareness of incidents often makes it feel that crime rates are constantly on the rise. However, they […]