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Scaffold Theft on The Rise in Essex

Why Thieves Are Attracted To Construction Projects A construction site crime-wave across Essex causes widespread concern over scaffolding security. Make sure your project is protected! Scaffolding is an essential part of many construction projects, acting to elevate workers whilst keeping them safe. The cost of scaffolding can be significant, at an average of between £960 […]

The $7 Billion Super Sewer

What London’s new ‘super sewer’ is and how it will help alleviate the capital’s drainage problems by preventing sewage being discharged into the River Thames. 15 Mile Long Tunnel Under The Thames To Help London’s Sewage Overflow To combat increasing pressure on the capital’s existing sewers, a huge tunnel running from Acton in West London […]


How The Thames Tideway Tunnel Will Make The Thames Clean Again

Work began back in February 2016 on one of the UK’s largest civil engineering and marine construction projects, the Thames Tideway Tunnel. The Thames Tideway Tunnel is projected to make the Thames clean again by channeling and controlling between 39-50 million cubic metres of rain water and intercepting the overflow from 34 of the most […]