Branching Out How To Carry Out Market Research in a New Region


Branching Out How To Carry Out Market Research in a New Region

Want to know how to branch out an effective market research in a new region? Then this article is going to be an excellent start off. A new region always come with new and unique challenges, but the rewards are also promising. But first you need to effectuate a proper market research in this region you want to target. The problem is that most people don’t know how to do it, even those business or company owners. But this hard reality is going to be changed thanks to this article.

The Basics

You need to master the basics. First you need to know that there are two methods by which you can conduct this market research:
  1. Primary
  2. Secondary
Now we will give a proper overview on these both options:


This is the kind of research that aims for obtaining information directly from the source. For example, this is the kind of info you obtain from potential customers in the new region you want to target. There are many ways by which you can do this:
  1. Surveys (online and offline)
  2. Focus groups
  3. You can always hire someone else to do this for you. One of the hottest methods right now is to get an email list (legally) that matches your new region in terms of demographics and interests, in other words: an email list that’s composed by people you identify as your potential customers. You can use this way to send an email with a survey, so you can know better the people you want to target.


It’s simply obtaining reports and statistics about the new region that you desire to target. It’s more like a general overview of the area. For this type of research you don’t have to perform surveys or other kind of direct ways of obtaining information, you can simply refer to reports performed by other institutions that are available for free in the internet. But you can also go one step further and destine more money to secondary market research, because due to this you will be able to see the potential income and other important facts. And you are not alone, because all important companies spend quite a lot of money into secondary market research.

Final Thoughts:

In order to execute a successful market research in a new region, you need to make your primary and secondary market research work together, because this is the unique way by which you will obtain a proper overview on the people you want to target on this region. You will get real information on how they behave, what type of products will work and which ones won’t.