Add Some Country Charm to Your Home with Rustic Furniture

Add Some Country Charm to Your Home with Rustic Furniture

Want to transform your home into a country charmed home? Read on! If your home décor is in a rut and needs rejuvenating, you should consider adding some country charm to the property to make it feel cosy and homely. With a few simple steps, you can add some character to your home in no time!

Oak Furniture

When you think about a country home, exposed wooden beams, soft cushions and rugs and oak furniture often spring to mind. If you want to introduce some country charm to your home, you should think about adding some bespoke oak furniture. It can work as a fantastic centrepiece, like an intricately carved chest of drawers, or a bespoke oak coffee table that has been professionally stripped down and restored with a destressed feel.

White Ceramics

Integrating white ceramics like hand-made pottery and trinkets into a toom can add a much more rustic and comforting feel. For a truly Farmhouse style, you should try displaying the clean, white ceramics on wooden shelves, cabinets and side tables. Having the accessories displayed in a collection can create a warming homely touch. If you don’t feel like displaying chunky ceramics around the house, you could source out some pitchers, bowls and other ceramic dishes in antique and thrift shops that are daintier and often cheaper!

Rustic Wood Accents

If you’re looking to add country charm to your home, a great way to do this is by incorporating reclaimed and rustic wood accents. This could be through furniture, shelves or wall hangings, all of which can be a country home DIY project to get your creative juices flowing! Adding some rustic wood to your home will help you to create a farmhouse vibe. Antique and charity shops are great places to spot authentic pieces, and many high-street retailers sell convincing rustic wood accents as well.

Cottage-Style Lighting

Old, classic lighting can be found in an array of different shops, stores and markets, as well as high street retailers, antique shops and charity stalls. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative, you could consider doing a little DIY project! How about painting your old school brass fixtures and turn it into something special. To add even more charm to the lights, you could add a rustic charm by adding twigs and “shabby” material to give it an edgy look.

Metal Touches

Metal touches, especially galvanized metal, are the epitome of farmhouses. If you’re a fan of the metal look, you could try hanging some metal signs or storage in the hallway, or perhaps a metal dining table and chair set for the dining room. If you like the look of metal accessories but are worried it could make the room look harsh, we suggest blending the metal with softer touches like fur, throws and soft pillows, which will help the room look less cold or hard. How will you add country charm to your home?