5 ways to advertise your local business online


5 ways to advertise your local business online

If you want to market your local business like a real pro, then this article is going to give you the information you need to make it happen. Advertising your local business online is more important than you think, and this article will give you everything you need to market it like a pro and get lots of new clients, sales and a lot more money!

#1 Social Media:

If you want to market your business for free in the internet, then there’s no better way for doing it than by through social media. You don’t have to pay a single cent at the hour of creating an FB page, a twitter account or a Pinterest.com one. You can do it all for free. You should set up as many profiles as possible. Because they will help to establish your business online as a real one. And this will help with other aspects like ranking it on Google. And this is going to be our next point.

#2 Rank It:

Search Engine Optimization is a very big industry. If you want to get the best traffic from the internet, then you have to rank your website in Google and other major search engines just like Yahoo and Bing. But the most important, without any doubt about it, is Google, because this is the one that gets the most traffic. And our previous tip, which is establishing your business in the major social networks, will help you to create the kind of trust your business needs to rank. Of course it’s much more complicate than this, but this will help quite a lot.

#3 Search PPC:

Another interesting way to promote your local business online is by setting up search engine PPC campaigns. For example, you can give Adwords a test. This PPC system by Google has proven to deliver excellent results to local businesses, because it allows you to advertise your business to local searches. For example, if you are a dentist based on New York City, then whenever someone searches for “Dentist in NYC”, they will see your ad. You can give this a go and you will get excellent results if you know what you are doing.

#4 Social PPC:

Social PPC is another excellent way for promoting your business online. For example, the FB Ads system is one of the best in fact, because it allows you to define your audience quite well, so you can target people who are really going to buy your products or hire your services. Of course, Social PPC requires quite a lot of mastery, you need to test, test and test over and over again in order to get a winning campaign.

#5 Video Marketing:

Video marketing is quite powerful. You can use platforms like YouTube and Dailymotion for promoting your business. You can even rank your videos on Google and get much more exposure for it, therefore multiplying your results – a win-win situation.