5 Things You Can Do to Help Avoid a Disaster On Your Wedding Day

5 Things You Can Do to Help Avoid a Disaster On Your Wedding Day

You’ve been dreaming of your special day since you were little and planning every single detail for months or even years, but even the most prepared couples can fall into the trap of overlooking potential problems, snags, hitches and worst case scenarios. By being cautious and having back up plans in place, you can ensure that your wedding day is as seamless and stress free as possible – no matter what happens. Here are 5 ways that you can help to disaster proof your wedding;

1 – Wedding Insurance

Wedding insurance might not help to prevent a disaster on the day but can help provide vital compensation if something goes wrong to prevent the wedding from going ahead. For just a small amount wedding insurance can help to protect you against things such as damage of the wedding dress, lost rings, supplier issues and needing to rearrange due to the bride or groom being unwell etc. It is important to read your chosen insurance schemes carefully to fully understand what is covered by your policy.

2 - Whatever the Weather

It is naïve for anybody to plan an outdoor event in the UK and expect it to be perfect clear skies and sunshine. The reality is that you cannot expect to host such an important occasion without considering how adverse weather can affect it and put the necessary steps in place so that on the day you are all weather ready. If you were planning an outdoor wedding and rain, wind or snow are predicted then a marquee to host the ceremony under could be a good idea as well as making umbrellas available for the guests, securing additional heaters or offering blankets for outside seating on cold evenings. If it’s looking to be a particularly hot summer, then this can also come with its own set of problems. Be sure to provide your guests with plenty of water and cold refreshments, have sun cream, fans and parasols available and you might want to consider air conditioning if your venue has the potential to be too hot!

3 – Back Up Generator Hire

Something a lot of couples don’t consider is their power requirements for their wedding. Most weddings nowadays include fun and quirky additions from outside suppliers that often require a reliable and sufficient power source which venues can’t always be relied upon to supply. Adverse weather in winter or overheating in summer can both cause blackouts or power cuts that can spell disaster for your big day! Generator hire is a great way to ensure that you have sufficient power to help run all of the electrical equipment that is vital to your wedding! Just some of the things that generators can power for your wedding include;
  • Music and Sound Equipment – DJ’s, live bands, singers, speakers and microphones
  • Entertainment - Snow machines, photo booths and chocolate fountains.
  • Lighting and Decorations - Fairy lights, ceiling lighting, disco lights and spots lights.
  • Temperature control – Heaters, fans and air conditioning units.
  • Catering - Food vans, drinks bars, hog roasts, fridges, cooking stations, hobs and ovens.
  • Toilets Facilities – Portaloos and toilet hire units.
With fast, effective and affordable backup power generators London, you can be prepared for any eventuality to keep your wedding day running smoothly so that you can focus on enjoying every precious second of it.

4 – Hire A Wedding Planner

This is something that has been commonly used in America for decades and is becoming more popular in the UK with busy brides looking to take the stress out of the constant organising, arranging and planning of their wedding. An experienced wedding planner is not only likely to have some great connections with suppliers, caterers, photographers and venues but can be a lifesaver if a disaster occurs to help handle the situation and quickly resolve it for you. Wedding planners can be a luxury expense so be sure to shop around, meet them in person and read reviews and testimonials to ensure that you hire a reliable and experienced person you can trust.

5 – Be Flexible and Adapt

Of course you hope your day is flawless but even the best planned event can be hit by unprecedented rain, a torn dress or a broken down car. Try not to let yourself be overwhelmed if problems occur. Take a deep breath and tackle any issues head on to resolve them quickly and practically. It’s forecast rain for your summer wedding day – no problem, order yourself and your bridesmaid matching wellies and initialled umbrellas to get some great rainy day photos. Its unexpectedly cold – no worries, ask the venue if they can serve hot chocolates, warm ciders and mulled wines as welcome drinks. The cake is ruined, whether it was dropped, knocked over or had a mishap during transport, don’t let it ruin your day. Ask the venue or cake maker if they have a tiered cake stand available and send out your ushers or relatives to the shop to buy dozens of iced donuts. They can be arranged on the stand to create a funky, informal, last minute cake that your guests will love. There are some problems that unfortunately will be out of your control, but by taking the necessary steps to help disaster-proof your wedding you can be prepared to tackle issues head on and ensure that your day goes perfectly!